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prefab wood
wall Panels.

Built To Spec. Delivered To your job site.

Products & Services

Commerical Construction

Multi-Unit Residential

Townhouse, apartment, hotel, condo, etc.

Projects designed for stud wall construction

Single Family Homes

On-Site Delivery

We guarantee delivery on the day you want included with every project

why go with prefab?

Prefab construction gives you peace of mind and saves you time and money. And in an industry where time is money you could say prefab construction saves you money and money.

No more stick building on-site and worrying about delays, weather issues, daylight, cost overruns, accuracy of openings and crew availability. Our full time, dedicated fabricators are able to build panels to your exact specifications in an indoor facility using high quality materials and in compliance with all Nova Scotia and National building codes.

You’ll love the consistency and confidence of having your panels delivered directly to your jobsite on the exact day you need them.

If you’re looking for efficient and innovative construction techniques, processes and solutions, Cobequid Prefab Panels are for you.


Reliable Ontime Delivery

Designed and assembled To Spec


Full Time Panel Fabricators

oUR prEFAB Facility

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Explaining what you don’t do is often easier than explaining what you do.

Here’s our list of things we don’t do:

  • Insulation, vapour barrier, building wrap or siding

  • Boom panels into position

  • Install panels on site

  • Install very top plate

  • Provide bracing materials

  • Provide engineering or design services